A rEd TouR iN fLORencE

December 04, 2011

WOW, today it was really exciting!!!
For the first time the shooting wasn't taken by me, but by a friend of mine: Babak, he wanted to practise, so I took this opportunity. I wanna thank him a lot.
It was a wonderful experience. We were wandering in the streets and we took photos almost everywhere, but above all with amazing architectures or wonderful views.
I really hope to do it again.
What do you think about these photos?I love them.

WOW, oggi è stata una giornata fantastica!!!
Per la prima volta non sono stata io a scattare, il merito è tutto del mio amico Babak, che si voleva esercitare e io ho subito colto l'occasione. Voglio ringraziarlo tantissimo.
E' stata un'esperienza magnifica. Stavamo vagando per la strada e abbiamo fatto foto praticamente ovunque, ma specialmente con architetture mozzafiato e splendide viste.
Spero davvero di poterlo rifare presto.
Che ne pensate di queste foto? Io le adoro.

Merry Christmas
Buon Natale

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7 commenti

  1. beautiful photos! i love the red colors for the winter :) christmas and red go together so perfectly! i just love the holidays!

    i LOVE these photos! those heels are absolutely amazing! i want.

    i love your blog! it is so fab- i am following! i hope you can follow my blog, too!

    sorelle in style

  2. Mi dispiace ma in queste foto la protagonista non sei tu, ma Firenze. Complimenti a Babak!
    Naturalmente anche tu......contribuisci!

    I'm sorry but in these photos you aren't the protagonist, but Florence. Congratulations Babak!
    Naturally also you help.........!

  3. love it!


  4. guys, thank you so much!
    I like red colours too for winter!! And I think that the contrast with the colours of the city was very good!

  5. These photos are amazing. Love the location choosing and the combination between fashion and the city!

  6. Sara!! Keep up the good work! I´d be glad to give you a hand any time! From now on I´ll be a loyal follower of your blog!