Christmas is pink

December 17, 2013

Tararaaaa-tararaaa-tararararaaaaaaaaaa. I am so happy in this period, but is it only me that is always seeing everything pink during the Christmas time?!
To remain in the Christmas spirit here you are a very "yes I am a santa's gnome" outift.
I was so sad cause I love this hat but I forgot it at home when I was flying to Finland, so when I came back I directly worn it!


Tararaaaa-tararaaa-tararararaaaaaaaaaa. Sono così contenta in questo periodo, ma capita solo a me di vedere tutto rosa sotto Natale?!
Per rimanere in tema eccovi un outfit molto "sì sono un aiutante di babbo natale".
Ero troppo triste quando ho realizzato mentre andavo in Finlandia di aver dimenticato a casa questo cappello, quindi appena sono tornata è stata la prima cosa che ho messo.

Hat: vintage
Jacket: handmade by my grandma
Shorts: Handmade by me
Sweater: Handmade by my grandma
Tights: Calzedonia
Boots: Mauro Giuli
Gloves: Oviesse

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6 commenti

  1. love this red shades!

    1. red isso perfect during the winter. a pop of light ;-)

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  3. Great look!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog :) If you want, we can follow each other on Bloglovin, let me know and I follow you back!