Finally bikini

August 08, 2015

And here the first pics of my only day off of the season...I think I will remember it for the next months...ahahah. But I have to say that I had a great sense of freedom and I enjoyed it a lot.
The place with this spectacular colour of the sea is "golfo mirabello" in Crete near Elounda.
Finally I could wear one of my favourite bikini from seems to match a lot with the palette of colours doesn't it?!


E qui le prime fotografie del mio unico giorno libero della stagione...credo che me lo ricorderò per i prossimi mesi...ahaha. Ma devo dire che in questo modo ho provato un gran senso di libertà e mi sono gustata questa giornata a pieno.
Il posto con questo colore spettacolare del mare si chiama Golfo Mirabello, a Creta, vicino ad Elounda.
Finalmente sono riuscita a mettere uno dei miei costumi preferiti di Calzedonia...sembra intonarsi con la paletta di colori del paesaggio eh?!

Bikini: Calzedonia last collection

Pics by Tilemachos Tsouramanis & Sara Nena


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2 commenti

  1. That is certainly a superb-looking bikini, colours and style very well chosen, congrats!

    I have to say (as all wise people should already know :-)) italian bikini brands are by far the best ones. I can think of many: calzedonia, mirtylla, bikini lovers, divissima and so forth. What is your favorite one? I usually wear brazilian-cut bikinis, not only because you get better tanning but also because it always makes a woman's body (whether its curvy or skinny) look better unlike granny bikinis!

    However this summer I took a little further step and bought myself a (moderate) thong bikini from Divissima. I have worn it in not very crowded beaches...(still a bit shy about it and my butt also still looks pale!). Are thong bikinis any popular in Italy? Have/would you ever wear one or do you find it a "big no" from a fashionable point of view?

    again congrats for the pictures and the blog too :), xx

    1. Sorry for the delay...unfortunately i don't have a great internet connection here :-(
      I have to say that my choices are always calzedonia and yamamay!!! I am in love with this to brands...not expensive and nice stuff