MUA and Photography project

February 11, 2016

TADAAAAAAAAAN. I was really excited with this project between me and some of my friends: one photographer and one make up artist. We decided to shoot in the country-side -we all like it- and with this grey weather, to add a melancholic touch. I have to say that I am super happy about the result, plus I really love the artistic projects in groups. We didn't want to do a proper editorial, we preferred to keep the soul of each pic different one from the other, that's why we didn't gave the same effects everywhere.
If you are interested in any kind of collaborations, you can contact them on their fb page:
MUA Make up and nails: Antonia
Photographer: Mixalis
P.s. the first is my favourite!!!

TADAAAAAAAAN. Sono troppo esaltata per questo progetto che abbiamo ideato con dei miei amici: un fotografo e una make up artist. Abbiamo deciso di scattare in campagna, che piace ad ognuno di noi ed abbiamo scelto questo tempo nuvoloso sul grigio, per dare un tocco più melanconico. Devo dire che sono proprio soddisfatta del risultato, in più adoro enormemente lavorare in gruppo. Non volevamo scattare un vero e proprio editorial, abbiamo preferito mantenere l'anima di ogni foto diversa, ecco perchè la scelta di diversi effetti.
Se siete interessati a collaborazioni...e vi trovate in Grecia :-P potete contattarli sulla loro pagina fb:
MUA Make up e unghie: Antonia
Fotografo: Mixalis
P.s. La prima è la mia preferita!!!

Model: Sara Nena
MUA: Antonia Tsami
Pics by Mixalis Koutroumanis

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18 commenti

  1. So beautiful! I love the pictures with the flowers.


  2. Great photos, and nice color on the nails :) Bonjour from France, Sand.

    1. I should have done more close up to the nails maybe...

  3. The project really worked out amazing! I love each shot! The make up and the moments that were captured are truelly amazing!! Love the result!! xx


    1. thank you so much Martin. We tried to do it more interesting as possible

  4. Great images. I really like the make and you check bones are amazing. Thanks for sharing and check out our Valentine's Day Special!

    Eye See Euphoria |

  5. wow the photos are amazing :3

    Ana ♥ N/POST

  6. Wow, the pictures are really stunning ! You guys did a great job !