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November 30, 2016

Today the weather was a little bit different than these pics...ehmmm, POURING DOWN. But I am saying it again: #Ilovewinter. There is a special thing between hot tea\chocolate, fireplace, warm clothes and eventually snow, that is driving me crazy.
But stick to the point: this is a "dancing-fountain" in the center of Heraklion next to the sea. Of course my fancy boots are with me for one more time (thank God I don't post everyday, otherwise you would have seen 7 different outfits with the same shoes, ups, I love them). Than I used, as usual, one summer-dress as a skirt, and I finished with a pop of orange, this was one of my grenny's jackets of, sorry for loving vintage!!!


Oggi il tempo non proprio come quello in queste foto...ehmmm, PIOVEVA CHE DIO LA MANDAVA. Ma lo dirò ancora una volta: #adorolinverno. C'è qualcosa di speciale tra tè\cioccalate calde, camino, vestiti morbidi e neve, che mi fa impazzire.
Ma rimaniamo sul tema quotidiano: questa fontana danzante si trova nel centro di Heraklion di fianco al lungomare. Naturalmente trovate ancora una volta i miei adorati stivali (fortuna che non faccio post ogni giorno, altrimenti avreste visto 7 diversi outfit con le stesse scarpe, ups, li amo alla folliaaa). Poi ho trasformato come l solito uno dei vestiti estivi in gonna e ho terminato con un tocco di arancione, questa era una delle giacche di mia nonna, scusate se adoro il vintage!!!!!

Jacket: Handmade vintage
Top: Vintage
Skirt: Vintage dress
Boots: Morena Spain

Pic by Tilemachos Tsouramanis

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4 commenti

  1. You look amazing! Such a wonderful styling of different materials :) xx Maja
    Maja's Muffin

  2. I love the boots!! I've always wanted a pair of them but I'm really short :(


    1. give them a chance!!!! I had the opposite problem, I am too tall and no one was overknee for me :-(
      but finally I found the right pair