Summary 2016

December 31, 2016

Let's start saying that I hate writing, but this year I wanted to push myself and I wanted to spend few words about this year in a more personal way, but then the laptop cancelled EVERYTHING, I don't think that is a good sign...
Anyway I was saying that my year was spent in two Greek cities: Patra and Crete. The plan was to make 6 months and 6 months, but then trying to follow one job opportunity that never ended well I stayed in Crete almost 8 months. Here I met great people, friends that I will never forget; and I had the possibility to visit amazing places.
I missed Patra a lot: my house, my cats, my things, and I can't wait to come back there around the 10th of January.
This year was really thug, cause one member of my family had really big health problem, I was thinking about leaving everything and coming back to Italy, but thank God now the things seems to be better.
Speaking about the blog I am really proud of it, this year the pics got better and better, I feel more confident posing, and my boyfriend and I invested some money in two new lenses...the next step will be a full frame...2017, help us :-)
Also the nuber of the readers increased a lot, it means that I am not the only one thinking of what I have just written.
For the 2017 I will try to consider the blog in a more professional way. I never did it for business, since 2011 I kept posting even if in many moments, above all at the beginning, almost none was reading it. But now I feel I can give more, let's hope that I will have the time, the energy... and the internet to do it...ahahah
Have a nice new year's Eve

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