December 03, 2012

Ok,ok. I know that you are used to Bloggers that don't dare use the clothes more than ones. You know what?! I don't agree, I think I can inspire even if I use the same pair of socks for here you are! I fell in love so much with them that I decided to wear them again, but in a different style. Which one do you prefer?

Ok, ok. So che siete abituati a Blogger che non osano neppure mettere un capo due volte. Ma sapete che c'è? Io non sono assolutamente d'accordo, penso che si possa ispirare anche usando lo stesso paio di calzini per esempio...quindi ecco a voi! Me ne sono innamorata a tal punto che ho deciso di rimetterli, ma sta volta con uno stile diverso. Quale preferite?

Redingote: Handmad by Liliana <3
Hat: Oviesse
Trousers: Armani Jeans
Socks: Sisi
Ankle boots: Vintage

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16 commenti

  1. stanno bene anche così, sono contenta di avere fatto bingo scegliendoli

    1. eh sì! domani nuova apertura...chissà cosa troverò...

  2. Replies
    1. merci, It's handmade, when something is handmade the 80 percent of beaty is already there...

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! it's comfortable like a dressing gown

  4. I agree with you! We can wear the same lots of time! The most important is creativity!!

  5. So inspiring! I must admit I envy you a little bit,your blog is really good, fresh and your ideas are fabulous! Keep it up, and please let me know what you think of my new post, it means a lot to me :)

    1. THAAAAAANK YOU!!!! Very very glad about it! I've just commented your blog without reading your comment...telepathy.
      I am following you every day, and -I am super honest- I can see many improvements on your blog. The quality of the pics is much better, the scenary too, and -I don't know how u did it- but u are getting more and more beautiful every day! Maybe you are getting more self confidence in the photoshooting.
      p.s. I am gonna rewrite it on your blog, so that u can see it better!

  6. Me encanta el abrigo y, por supuesto, llevar calcetines, que no medias, en invierno. Con el frío que hace.

  7. I like your look!!!!